Hypnosis and Regression

Leben - Tod - Geburt - Leben

Every day there are moments in our lives where we put ourselves into hypnosis. For a few seconds or longer the analytic mind steps backwards and all of a sudden we find ourselves in a past scene or a desirable future, or simply hypnotized by flames of an open fire, clouds in the sky, mesmerized by an intense color in nature, or enchanted by the rhytms of a dance.

Hypnosis is a technique enabling us to wilfully evoke this state of mind and use it for healing of fears, problems, or karmic issues.

You are aware and concious during a hypnosis session and may step out of the experience anytime. At no time you can be persuaded to do or talk about things you don‘t want or against your morals and beliefs.

Are you ready for a healing experience right now?

I offer to assist and guide you on this journey of your soul. Your trust in your higer self and my guidance are essential for our work. I am the flight controller assisting you to land wherever your soul wants to take you.

Do you want to spare five minutes of your time?

In case you may sit back and relax I wish to offer you a short demonstration to hear and feel a hypnotic state.

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position, a light blanket and headphones are recommended.


Hypnosis session with Wolfgang Scheller

Production: Robin Köck


Please contact me in case of any questions!

I will answer your questions in person or by telephone also.

Answers to frequently asked questions are here.



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