About me

Hello, my name is Wolfgang Scheller.

Wolfgang Scheller

My first experiences with hypnosis happened back in highschool times. In the psychology lessons at university Vienna hypnisis was mentioned only in connection with Sigmund Freud but never treated as an acknowledged method. For more than thirty years I practice meditation, different yoga techniques and have experienced various shamanic and other healing traditions during my travels abroad.

My first transforming past life regression happened in 2012. Since that day I am certain my mission is to facilitate this powerful experience for other people. My education in classical hypnosis was done with Dr. Preetz in Munich, Germany, the regression techniques I use are influenced by american „past life regression“ pioneers like Dolores Cannon and others.

I am certified QHHT® Practitioner (Quantum Healing Hypnosis TechniqueTM).

One of the most impressive effects of regression I noticed is that people are loosing their latent fear of dying. Experiencing death from the soul‘s perspective, like people with near-death experience, is not afaid of death any more. None of my clients has described this transition with negative feelings or fear. Knowledge out of experience is replacing religious dogmata. They know what they are expecting and sometimes even who is expecting them. There is support from souls we have known for aeons instead of the illusions of hell and purgatory.

My mission is to share this healing spiritual experience.



Hypnotic trance is probably one of the oldest ways of healing. Trance was known to be a healing state of mind before nature‘s healing powers were discovered. Shamans of all times and peoples have been using trance techniques for ages.

Hypnotic trance enables us in finding explanations, reasons, and consequences unlimited by space and time.

Regression is a synthesis of shamanic and hypnotic techniques. We have a great chance to experience physical and emotional healing as well as access to pragmatic and spirutal insights during a hypnotic session.

Sigmund Freud initially used hypnosis for his studies of the psyche. Maybe he would never have developed psycho-analysis with access to our modern hypnosis techniques. Carl Gustav Jung identified dreams to be the metaphorical language of the soul. Hypnosis and dreams are similar in deriving from the same source but using different languages.

Modern hypnosis techniques establish a direct connection to this source. We call this source the Higher Self, the movie director of our „movie of life“. Hypnosis may act as telephone line to connect us to the director‘s control room. We have access to all our memories from all lifetimes there.

The synthesis of classical hypnosis and regression is a highly efficient and individually adjustable method to be used without any risks for you.


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