Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions concerning hypnosis, the procedure, and some definitions.


My offer to you

I offer you a professional regression to an important event in this lifetime or into a past life.

After the regression we communicate with a part of your conciousness where you know answers to your questions during the session, which are often obscured to the logical part of mind.

Profound insights as well as spontanous physical and psychological healings may be gained by this process.

The procedure

Before our first session we discuss your questions and topics. We note important people to you so I can recognize them during the session.

You will get the recorded hypnosis sessions on USB or CD-rom.

We will discuss the messages and results after the session.

Your first procedure may take up to three hours, following sessions around half the time.

The Method

I use shamanic aids like essential oils, sounds, and crystals during induction.

I found my path into desired states of hypnosis by combination of classical hypnosis elements (Dave Elman) and specific imaginations from modern regression techniques (Brian Weisz, Bruce Goldberg, Dolores Cannon).

The questions and topics we have agreed on before the session will be dealt with during the actual regression and discussed afterwards with your Higher Self.

Integrating new perspectives and experiences in each unique session makes this procedure highly inspiring for both sides.


Hypnosis sessions may take place at your home or at my practice rooms, as you desire.

Please make an appointment by email or telephone.


The price per hour is € 80,-.


Does hypnosis work for everyone?

Hypnosis is possible for everyone with intention to and enough trust in the person guiding. A strong analytic mind may delay the process but will not prevent the desired trance state.

Do I remeber everything?

Yes, you will remember all experiences clearly and from a neutral point of view. You may exit the trance state anytime in case experiences might become inacceptable.

Are there any risks involved in hypnosis?

No, your soul is never up for harming you but desires healing and wholeness concerning all levels of conciousness.

Are there any contra-indications?

Yes, no hypnosis is allowed in case of former psychotic episodes.

How many sessions are necessary?

One extensive session will do in most cases. Complex scenarios may require more.
You will be educated for self-hypnosis to continue on your own as well.


Do you have another question? Please send me an email here!



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